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No matter your age, experience or day-to-day schedule,
we’ll help you keep moving and improving your PRs.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I want to be a competitive CrossFitter and finally go from scaled to RX level WODs”

“If only I could recover faster from workouts and do the
movements without pain.”

“I feel like the Tin Man! After long hours at the office, my body feels stiff and tight. ”

“I want to be competitive, but I’m afraid of getting injured and risking longevity.”

If it does, you’re in the right place.


Hi, I’m Simon, founder of Functional Formulas.

My goal is to help the everyday CrossFitter optimize performance and longevity. Whether you’re a corporate-office competitor or just starting out, you’ll find some tools here to help you unlock a better performing version of yourself.

Before we dig deeper, let me share a little bit about myself so you can be sure the info you’re getting is real.

The desk-bound corporate American lifestyle was destroying my health.

In 2012, it grew to be a problem I couldn’t ignore any longer. I experienced the negative impact of the sedentary cubicle lifestyle that we usually consider normal after college. My sleep quality had declined, stress increased, my diet was mostly anything quick and convenient. My muscles felt tight from sitting all day in front of a monitor doing engineering analysis work. Ugh!

I got that dreaded “I’m not in my 20s anymore” feeling after any physical activity. It also seemed like many of my colleagues were overworked, overweight, or unhappy. Was I headed in that direction too?

I decided to take action with my health and fitness with an extreme form of training called CrossFit. These workouts were intense, but I was impressed with the results after just few weeks. I had never experienced that before with the typical Globo Gym regimen.

The awesome community over at Crossfit Palm Beach definitely pushed me to new levels and helped me create a stronger version of myself.

But there was one problem.

I felt like my body had a hard time keeping up with the physical and mental demands I was putting on it. Was I risking my longevity for the sake of performance and putting numbers on the board each day?

My muscles felt tight.
I was tired.
I was unable to recover from yesterday’s WOD (Workout of the Day).

Out of desperation, I looked for natural ways to optimize my body so I wouldn’t feel like crap the next day or create long-term damage to my body from intense training.

As an engineer and 12+ year nutritional supplement nerd, I searched for solutions that would help me step up my game.

After much self-experimentation and reverse engineering, I figured out my personal formula for optimizing performance and longevity.

The formula was the mix of tools and information that helped create a more competitive version of myself. It’s actually pretty simple…

I deconstructed the 2 areas keeping me from optimal performance:

1. Mobility
(improving the ability to move under a given load)

2. Biochemistry
(optimizing nutrition & supplementation to fuel performance & recovery)

By identifying key areas limiting my work capacity and figuring out how to improve them, I discovered exactly how the average-everyday CrossFitter could unlock their competitive edge.

After applying these principles, I overcame my scaled division plateaus and took my performance beyond just the RX weight division.

The purpose of sharing is not to convince you that I’m the next Rich Froning or sell you a bunch of BS, but hopefully share a few tools I’ve discovered along the way to help enhance your training edge as well.

Based on field-tested research and discovery of what holds most people back in CrossFit, a formula was created to help others on a similar journey.

Functional Formulas is about empowering solutions to help you create a better performing version of yourself.

Quality over quantity.

Quality over quantity.

I’m here to help you create that better performing version of yourself without compromising longevity or wasting time.

Designed for crossfitters by a crossfitter.

Designed for crossfitters by a crossfitter.

I’m hands-on and training just like you with an understanding which tools will most effectively unlock a better performing version of yourself.

No synthetic junk.

No synthetic junk.

Moving without pain and unlocking optimal body mechanics doesn’t have to result from taking supplements and synthetic formulas.

Improving your WODs doesn’t have
to be a strain.

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