Make them wonder how you
manage to do it, day after day.

Keep them guessing what your secret is.

Can you really perform and recover better than you did 5 years ago?

Yes, but not if you’re making mistakes with plateaus and recovery.

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Being strong is about being smart.

If you’ve been doing a set or two on a rower and rolling on a piece of foam for a few minutes for your recovery after a workout, you may have already figured out it’s not enough.

Your body is designed to adapt by nature. Hw we can better prepare our bodies to push hard and stay healthy while training?

By recovering better, improving mobility and learning how to effectively train our weaknesses.

What compromises your performance?


Focusing primarily on your performance instead
of your overall health.

It’s not about having a great workout. It’s being able to feel good
and recover to have great ones, week after week, and optimizing all
facets of your well being to do so.


Maintaining the same recovery time.

Challenging your limits means that your muscles and joints are
regularly pushed. They require recovery, which is just as
important to achieving your goals as is your actual workouts.
Appreciating your body’s adapting needs for recovery will keep
you on your game.


Ignoring mobility exercises.

Having mobility is the secret sauce to making your
next goal. Not having mobility is an injury waiting to happen.


“The world breaks everyone and afterward some are strong at the broken places.”

Ernest Hemingway

Staying on your game is easier than you think.

“This last year, I’ve been amazed that I am performing BETTER than I ever did in my 20s. The turning point came when I began focusing on all the components of health & fitness.”

Download the free guide, The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Through Plateaus: How To Train Your Weaknesses

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